Jalan.net Offers Additional Coupons for ‘Jalan Special Week’ Starting April 11 at 10 AM

Recruit will start offering additional coupons for the ‘Jalan Special Week’ on the travel booking site Jalan.net from approximately 10 AM on April 11.

The additional coupons include up to 10,000 yen off for stays at accommodations listed on Jalan, and up to 10,000 yen off for plans applicable to the Special Week.

During the Jalan Special Week, customers can enjoy about 15% off in total, with a 5% discount on sale plans and up to an additional 10% off with the distributed coupons. Aside from accommodation, coupons for Jalan Package, Jalan Rent-a-Car, and Jalan Play & Experience are also being distributed.

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