JAL’s A350-1000 ‘JA02WJ’ Returns to Haneda Due to Mechanical Issue on Its Debut Flight with Red Logo

Today, April 17th, Japan Airlines (JAL)’s New York-bound flight JL6 (Airbus A350-1000, registration number: JA02WJ) returned to Tokyo/Haneda Airport due to a mechanical issue.

JA02WJ is the second A350-1000 aircraft, which started operations on January 26th. Most recently, it operated as flight JL5 from New York (arriving in Tokyo/Haneda on April 11th) and from April 11th to 15th, it underwent work at Haneda Airport’s hangar to attach the ‘A350-1000’ logo among other preparations, making the JL6 flight on the 17th its debut flight with the logo.

Flight JL6 had a total of 222 passengers onboard: 6 in First Class, 48 in Business Class, and 168 in Premium Economy and Economy Classes combined. It was scheduled to depart at 11:05 AM but left Haneda Airport’s Spot 112 at 11:16 AM and took off from Runway C at 11:41 AM. The flight was supposed to arrive in New York at 11:00 AM that same day.

According to JAL, the decision to return to Haneda Airport was made due to an indication of a malfunction with the rudder, a device used for steering the aircraft, displayed in the cockpit. Flight JL6 is expected to arrive back at Haneda Airport at 4:48 PM, with maintenance crew set to assess the situation.

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