KOKO HOTEL Expands to Chiba’s Kaihin Makuhari and Naha’s Maeshima

KOKO HOTEL Okinawa Maeshima (tentative name)

Fino Hotels, a subsidiary of Polaris Holdings, will open KOKO HOTEL in Chiba’s Kaihin Makuhari and Okinawa’s Maeshima.

The “KOKO HOTEL Kaihin Makuhari (tentative name)” scheduled to open in spring 2026, is located in front of JR Kaihin Makuhari Station. It will feature 301 rooms and include a large public bath for the first time as an operated hotel. The Starr Asia Group will acquire the building upon its completion. A memorandum of understanding was signed for negotiation towards concluding a management commission contract with a group company as the hotel operator.

The “KOKO HOTEL Okinawa Maeshima (tentative name)” scheduled to open in spring 2027, is located near the Yui Rail Miebashi Station, National Highway 58, and Tomari Port. It will have 132 rooms, all accommodating two or more guests, and some rooms will also include a kitchen pantry. The top floor will offer an infinity pool and pool lounge. A rental lease agreement that includes fixed rent was signed with Misawa Homes.

As a result, the total number of operated rooms will expand to 8,958.

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