Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba Offers ‘Luxurious Adult Melon Parfait’

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba, Luxurious Adult Melon Parfait

Grand Nikko Tokyo Daiba will be offering the ‘Luxurious Adult Melon Parfait’ from May 1st to June 30th.

The parfait uses half a melon filled with a smooth cream flavored with yogurt liqueur, fluffy Genoise sponge cake, and crunchy granola, topped with red flesh melon and three types of ice cream. The price is 2,700 yen (including tax and service charge).

Additionally, Mojitos ‘Early Summer “MOJITO”’ (each 2,500 yen) will also be available. There are three variations: ‘Mixed Berry Mojito’ with abundant use of berries, ‘Mango Mojito’, and ‘Melon Mojito’ combining melon with rum and mint.

The location is The Bar & Lounge on the 30th floor. Available from 5:30 pm to 10:00 pm (until 11:00 pm on Saturdays).

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