Yamato Holdings Launches Truck and Rail Freight Service Between Southeast Asia and Europe to Address Maritime Disruptions

Yamato Delivery Truck

Yamato Holdings has started offering an international multimodal through transport service by truck and rail between Southeast Asia and Europe from May 1.

The shipping route from Southeast Asia, a hub for the production of electronics and automotive parts, to Europe primarily used the Red Sea route. However, since around the end of 2023, ongoing attacks by armed groups have forced a switch to the Cape of Good Hope route. This change has extended travel time by up to 20 days and significantly increased transportation costs due to higher fares and insurance premiums.

For shipments from Thailand to Germany, the new service involves truck transportation from Thailand to China, then rail transport through Kazakhstan, Russia, and Poland, and finally, the cargo is transferred to a truck for delivery to the designated destination in Germany. Truck transportation is handled by the group company Overland Total Logistic Services, while rail transportation is managed by partner companies. This service is faster than using the Cape of Good Hope maritime route and more cost-effective than air freight.

The service is available between Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and Europe, excluding Ukraine and Belarus.

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