South Korea’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs Raises Terror Alert Level at Five Overseas Missions Due to Potential Harm from North Korea

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The South Korean Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced on May 2nd that it has raised the terror alert level at five of its overseas embassies and consulates.

The affected locations are the South Korean embassies and consulates in Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Vladivostok, and Shenyang. The alert level was elevated two notches from the lowest level of “interest” to the second highest, “caution.” The reason for this adjustment is based on information received by South Korean intelligence agencies that North Korea poses a potential threat to harm staff members of South Korea’s overseas missions.

Japanese embassies and consulates around the world are also advising Japanese nationals living abroad to be aware of the possibility of unforeseeable incidents for the time being. They urge them to avoid potential target facilities as much as possible and to ensure their own safety by keeping abreast of the latest information.

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