Shinagawa Prince Hotel Collaborates with ‘Penelope’ for the First Time

Shinagawa Prince Hotel, Penelope

Shinagawa Prince Hotel will offer a menu themed after the anime ‘Carelessly Penelope’ from April 27th to June 30th.

At the Coffee Lounge Mauna Kea, three types of dishes are available: ‘Penelope’s Sketchbook Fruit Pancake’ (2,550 yen), a colorful parfait with Penelope printed macarons called ‘Colorful Penelope Parfait’ (2,000 yen), and ‘Penelope Peek-a-Boo Soda’ (1,350 yen) where Penelope peeks out. Adjacent to it, the Boulangerie Shinagawa offers hotel-made ‘Carelessly Penelope Bread’ (580 yen) featuring Penelope’s face. The interior is adorned with Penelope decorations, and a photo spot has been prepared in the lobby.

All prices are inclusive of tax. The menu at Coffee Lounge Mauna Kea is subject to a separate service charge.

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