Hotel Kanazawa Offers Accommodation Plan with Luxurious Nodoguro Set Meal Until July 31

Luxurious Nodoguro Set Meal at Hotel Kanazawa

Hotel Kanazawa is offering an accommodation plan with a “Luxurious Nodoguro Set Meal” from May 7 until July 31.

The luxurious Nodoguro set meal for dinner includes a whole grilled “Nodoguro salt-grilled”, a fried “Nodoguro Shinjo Tō-ji maki”, “Nodoguro kamameshi”, and more, lavish dishes using Nodoguro, a high-class fish from the Hokuriku region. In addition, seasonal fish caught near Kanazawa and Kanazawa’s traditional dish “Kanazawa Jibu-ni” will also be served.

The dinner venue is the first-floor restaurant “DINING TSUZUMI”. The accommodation price per person, including both dinner and breakfast, starts from 17,130 yen (service charge and tax included).

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