Tokaido Shinkansen Green Cars’ ‘Oshibori’ Towels Now Available for General Sale

JR Tokai Retailing Plus will start selling the ‘Oshibori’ towels, which are offered in the Green Cars of the Tokaido Shinkansen, from May 13.

Against the background of being introduced as recommended items for celebrities in the media, they are starting sales to make them available to a wide range of people, regardless of whether or not they have used the Tokaido Shinkansen’s Green Cars.

The towels measure 300×250 mm and are made of 100% cotton non-woven fabric ‘Oikos’. They are available for purchase at the JR-PLUS online shop for 50 pieces at 1,700 yen, 100 pieces at 3,000 yen, and 200 pieces at 5,600 yen.

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