Hokkobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort Opens New Lounge Space

Hokkobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort Lounge

Hokkobushi Shiretoko Hotel & Resort has opened a new lounge space in collaboration with a group of artists based in Shiretoko.

The artist collective ‘Hokureki’, based in Shari town, has coordinated the lounge space under the theme of ‘Gateway to the Northern World’. The lounge features artworks related to Shiretoko by artists like Naoki Ishikawa, Kiichi Kawamura, and Mei Kawamura, among others. It provides a space with 23 tables and seats where visitors can enjoy drinks, light meals, and related books.

In conjunction with the opening of the lounge, a new training gym space of about 168 square meters has also been established.

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