Ground Handling Industry Association Holds Workplace Tour for Students at Haneda Airport Aiming to Improve Recognition and Secure Talent Through Industry-Academia Collaboration

The Airport Ground Handling Association (AGHA), an industry group aiming for the sustainable development of the ground handling industry, held a workplace tour for students at Haneda Airport on May 9. Amid a societal shortage of workers, the industry is advancing initiatives to improve recognition and secure talent through industry-academia collaboration.

Fifteen students from Saitama Gakuen University and Kawaguchi Junior College, which offer career support for the ground handling industry, participated in the tour. Guides were employees from AGHA member companies ANA Airport Services, JAL Ground Service, JAL Sky, Skymark, and Haneda Turtle Service. Divided into two groups, the students spent about an hour and a half touring check-in counter operations and ground handling operations at the parking apron, with explanations provided by employees of each company.

After the tour, ground handling staff and ground staff from each company held a discussion with the students. Questions were raised by students about what motivated them to aspire for a career in the industry, differences between their pre-employment image and reality, “Is it hard to take time off during peak periods?” and “What do you pay attention to when dealing with complaints?”

Yoshiaki Ikema, a third-year student in the Department of Economics and Business Administration at Saitama Gakuen University, said, “I was torn between the travel and aviation industries, but now I feel more inclined towards the aviation industry,” adding, “I learned that there are many qualifications within the company. I need to study harder.”

Saka Nagaoka, a first-year student in the Department of Business Administration at Kawaguchi Junior College and who became interested in airplanes due to her mother’s influence, stated, “The staff were kind, and I felt I wanted to work in airport-related jobs,” showing interest in the aviation industry as a future employment option.

As part of their job-search support for students, Saitama Gakuen University and Kawaguchi Junior College have collaborated with AGHA, the first such initiative among universities nationwide. The tour was realized through the efforts of the schools. Associate Professor Mitsunori Tomiyoshi of the Department of Business Administration at Kawaguchi Junior College said, “The tour had a significant dual effect: generating interest in ground handling jobs and eliminating mismatches between image and reality.”

AGHA, the ground handling industry’s first industry association, was established in August 2023. As of May 1, 85 companies performing ground handling work at airports nationwide are members.

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