JR East Cross Station Acquires All Shares of Kajitsuen

JR East Cross Station has acquired all shares of Kajitsuen.

The company purchased 60 shares, which accounts for all issued shares, from founder Takashi Nagamine on May 1.

By increasing the variety of food and beverage options inside the stations, the acquisition aims to enhance customer satisfaction and boost sales, as well as to serve as a new cornerstone for expansion outside of stations.

Kajitsuen was founded in April 1992 and established in April 1999. It opened its first store, “Kajitsuen Libre”, in Meguro in 1992 and currently operates 15 stores including franchises in one city and two prefectures. In addition to parfaits and zucottos made with fruits, it also offers a menu with meal options. The store sales for the fiscal year 2023 were 2.24 billion yen.

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