Rokkatei Opens Pop-Up Shop at Azabudai Hills Featuring Special Demonstrative Sale of ‘Rokkatei Daigo Blueberry’ Outside Hokkaido for the First Time

Azabudai Hills

Rokkatei will open a ‘Rokkatei POP UP SHOP’ at Azabudai Hills for a limited time from May 15th to 28th.

For the first time outside Hokkaido, the shop will feature a live sale of the cheese soufflé ‘Rokkatei Daigo Blueberry’, which is sandwiched with blueberry jam containing fruit pulp and a rich cheese cream. Also, the ‘Rokkatei Crispy Pie’, known for its shelf life of 3 hours, combining the crispy texture of pie with moist cream, will be demonstrated and sold. In addition, a strawberry yogurt, sold exclusively at the Obihiro Nishi-sanjo store, will make its debut alongside the classic fresh custard cream. The classic ‘Marusei Butter Sandwich’ will also be available.

The location is the POP UP area on the B2 floor of the Azabudai Hills Market.

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