JR West to Revise Fare System in Keihanshin Metropolitan Area

JR West Series 207

JR West will revise the fare system in the Keihanshin metropolitan area, starting with tickets sold from April 1, 2025.

The current “specific section near Osaka” will be reviewed, and a common fare level will be set for the newly defined Keihanshin metropolitan area. As a result, although there will be sections with fare increases and decreases, the overall fare revenue is expected to not increase.

Furthermore, the range specified as “specific sections near Osaka” will be expanded to include areas like Yasu, Aboshi, and Kansai Airport Station, and the “Inside Osaka Loop Line” category will be abolished.

The fare system of the Keihanshin metropolitan area has not been revised, except for the consumption tax, since it was inherited from the Japanese National Railways. The specific lower fares set for competitive sections with parallel railway operators will basically remain unchanged.

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