Nagoya’s Famous ‘Piyorin’ Available for a Limited Time at Tokyo Station


JR East Food Service is selling ‘Piyorin’ at the ‘Shinkansen Connected Seasonal Food Fair’ today, May 17th, and tomorrow, May 18th.

The product being sold is the ‘”Shinkansen Connected Seasonal Food Fair” Piyorin Travel Set (Piyorin & Ibigawa Matcha Piyorin)’, priced at 1,200 yen. It is a fresh sweet where the Nagoya Cochin egg pudding with a buttery flavor is wrapped in Bavarian cream. The Ibigawa Matcha Piyorin uses 100% Ibi tea for its Bavarian cream, and also incorporates Ibi tea into the chocolate that forms the wings and crest.

The sale location is inside the JR Tokyo Station ticket gates, Gransta Tokyo Basement 1st Floor. Due to transportation via Shinkansen, sale times may change. Sales will end once the product is sold out.

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