Consumer Affairs Agency Orders SI Helicis to Take Measures for Violations in Sales Trust of Helicopters, etc.

SI Helicis

The Consumer Affairs Agency has issued an order to SI Helicis, which sells helicopters and other items, to take measures.

SI Helicis had been conducting sales trusts, which are generally prohibited under the Trust Act. The Consumer Affairs Agency demanded immediate cessation of the violations and the implementation of measures to prevent their recurrence. It also ordered measures reflecting that contracts already concluded would not become effective.

Sales trust refers to a transaction where a business sells expensive goods, keeps those goods, and returns a part of the profits earned by the business from operating those goods to the consumer. Issues such as dividends not being paid as expected have occurred, leading to regulation under the Trust Act. There have been instances of large-scale damage in the past, including the Toyoda Trading incident involving gold bullion, the AGR incident involving Wagyu beef, and the Japan Life incident involving magnetic therapy devices.

SI Helicis sold shared interests to consumers and concluded contracts that transferred the position of lessor in leasing agreements to the consumers. SI Helicis and the consumers jointly entered into a lease agreement with Advance Support, which pays rent to the consumers.

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