Minato Sightseeing Bus Launches Route Connecting Kobe Airport and Universal Studios Japan, Via Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel

Minato Sightseeing Bus has started operating a bus service connecting Kobe Airport and Universal Studios Japan (USJ) on May 24.

The service includes a stop at Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel. There are 11 departures daily from Kobe Airport, 8 from USJ, and 14 from Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel to Kobe Airport. The service operates with large limousine buses that can accommodate 41 passengers. The one-way fare from Kobe Airport is 500 yen to the Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel and 900 yen to USJ.

This new bus route enables direct bus access from Kobe Airport to Kobe Bay Sheraton Hotel located on Rokko Island and to USJ, significantly improving convenience for visitors to USJ and Kobe. It also aims to further increase demand for Kobe Airport by providing more convenient access from the airport.

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