ANA Travelers Offers Discounts for Domestic and International Dynamic Packages and Special Hotel Prices with the ‘ANA Heartthrob’ Campaign

Heartthrob moment with ANA!

As part of their monthly ‘Heartthrob moment with ANA!’ campaign conducted every 29th, ANA Group will be offering discount coupons and hotel discount plans on May 29.

For domestic dynamic packages, ANA Mileage Club members will receive up to 30,000 yen discount coupons for use on trips in the summer and autumn. Special plans exclusively for the ‘Heartthrob with ANA!’ are also available. At ANA Travelers Hotel, special plans are being sold.

For international dynamic packages, coupons offering up to 250,000 yen off are available for all plans to selected destinations, in addition to quintupling the awarded miles for optional tours in Hawaii.

Additionally, tripling the awarded miles for limited return gifts through ANA’s hometown tax payment scheme, special prices at ANA Mall, and a 2.9 times increase in miles at ANA FESTA are available.

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