ANA Offers ‘Tokutabi Miles’ for Flights from June 6 to 12: Tokyo/Haneda to Kagoshima for 4,500 Miles and More

NH/ANA Boeing 777-300 JA753A

All Nippon Airways (ANA) has announced the applicable routes for “This Week’s Tokutabi Miles” — an offer that allows ANA Mileage Club members to redeem domestic flight reward tickets for fewer miles than usual, for flights taking place from June 6 to 12.

The reservation period is from June 5 to 11. The eligible routes and the required miles per one-way are as follows:

– 3,000 Miles
Tokyo/Haneda to Shonai, Hachijojima, Nagoya/Chubu, Osaka/Itami lines, Osaka/Itami to Matsuyama, Kumamoto lines, Nagoya/Chubu to Matsuyama line, Sapporo/Chitose to Memanbetsu, Kushiro lines, Fukuoka to Goto Fukue, Miyazaki lines

– 4,500 Miles
Tokyo/Haneda to Okhotsk Monbetsu, Odate-Noshiro, Iwakuni, Tottori, Matsuyama, Saga, Nagasaki, Kagoshima lines, Osaka/Itami to Sendai, Fukushima lines, Osaka/Kobe to Okinawa/Naha line, Nagoya/Chubu to Sendai, Miyazaki, Kagoshima lines, Sapporo/Chitose to Niigata, Sendai line, Okinawa/Naha to Takamatsu line

– 6,000 Miles
Nagoya/Chubu to Okinawa/Naha line

– 7,000 Miles
Okinawa/Naha to Sendai line

“This Week’s Tokutabi Miles” campaign allows the redemption of domestic flight reward tickets starting from 3,000 miles, compared to the usual 5,000 miles for one segment. Tickets issued under this campaign are valid only for the reserved flight and changes are allowed only within the travel period for the same segment. A 3,000-mile fee is required for refunds.

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