JR East to Expand Economic Zone with ‘Suica App’, Integrating Various IDs by Fiscal Year 2027

JR East aims to expand its economic zone with the ‘Suica App’ (tentative name).

Considering the changes in the market due to population decrease and aging society, JR East has formulated and unveiled a new mid-to-long-term business growth strategy ‘Beyond the Border’, replacing the previous business growth vision for living services, ‘NEXT10’.

The goal is to evolve Suica from a ‘device for mobility’ to a ‘device for life’, connecting to various living scenes, by building a new digital platform.

By fiscal year 2027, it plans to integrate various IDs such as Ekinet and Mobile Suica and start a new ticketing system through cloudification. This will allow for fare discounts for people who make a certain amount of purchases in station buildings. The ‘Suica App’ (tentative name) is set to be released in fiscal year 2028.

Additionally, new features such as integrated ticket services for mobility, financial/payment services, biometric authentication, My Number Card linkage, time-based marketing, and collaborations with government and local services will be gradually added over the next ten years.

The expansion of business through data marketing utilizing big data is also expected. Considering overseas expansion, it aims to participate in Transit Oriented Development (TOD) in the Asian region.

These initiatives are expected to double the operating revenue and profit of the living solution business by fiscal year 2033.

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