Hotel New Otani Hakata Announces ‘Frappe Collection 2024’, Available June 17 to September 30

Hotel New Otani Hakata Frappe Collection 2024

Hotel New Otani Hakata will be offering its ‘Frappe Collection 2024’ from June 17 to September 30.

The collection features two types: ‘Hoshino Rikyu’ (1,650 yen) and the new ‘Mango & Passion’ (1,870 yen). The Hoshino Rikyu frappe combines matcha syrup made from carefully selected tea leaves from Hoshino Village in Yame, with milk gelato, topped with red bean paste, condensed milk, and shiratama rice flour dumplings. The Mango & Passion frappe is made with ripe mangoes and passion fruit, paired with mango soft serve ice cream.

The frappes are available at the 1st floor cafe & restaurant ‘Green House’. They are available from 11 AM to 10 PM (last order at 9 PM), with an additional service charge.

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