Batik Air Malaysia Plans to Open Three Routes to Japan, Approved by MAVCOM

Batik Air Malaysia

The Malaysian Aviation Commission (MAVCOM) has announced its decision to grant air traffic rights to Batik Air Malaysia for the operation of three routes to Japan.

According to the announcement, starting from April, the airline will operate four round trips per week on both the Tokyo/Narita to Kota Kinabalu route and the Nagoya/Chubu & Okinawa/Naha to Taipei/Taoyuan to Kota Kinabalu route.

The Malaysian Aviation Commission takes into consideration demand and user benefits, service quality, and the impact on Malaysia’s airports and aviation industry when deciding on the allocation of air traffic rights. If an airline violates the conditions, MAVCOM holds the authority to temporarily suspend or revoke its decision. The designated airline must initiate all granted operations within six months from the start date of the validity period, and any unused rights will be revoked.

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