Skymark’s First In-House Trained Pilots Promoted to Captains

Skymark has announced that for the first time, three of its in-house trained pilots have been promoted to captain.

Since starting its in-house pilot training program in 2013 and recruiting its first trainees in 2014, the initial cohort faced a training interruption due to the company’s bankruptcy in 2015 but were promoted to first officers in 2018. Three members from this first cohort have now been promoted to captain, with plans for the remaining members to gradually enter captain upgrading training.

Skymark plans to recruit its 8th cohort of in-house trained pilots for the 2025 fiscal year, with details to be announced on June 14. Trainees undergo approximately one year of training overseas and ten months within Japan on small aircraft, obtaining necessary licenses before undergoing training and examinations on Boeing 737-800 aircraft to become first officers. After several years of service as first officers, they enter captain upgrade training and upon passing the examination, are promoted to captains.

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