Tokyu to Operate ‘Iketama Happy Train’ on Ikegami and Tamagawa Lines Starting June 23

Tokyu Railway

Tokyu Corporation will start operating the ‘Iketama Happy Train’ from June 23.

The train to be wrapped is a 3-car unit of the 1000 series 1500-number block. The design was selected from submissions by employees of the Ikegami Line and the Tokyu Tamagawa Line, featuring the Ikegami Line’s ‘pink’ line color and the Tokyu Tamagawa Line’s ‘maroon’ in a polka-dot pattern.

The operation sections are the Ikegami Line (Gotanda to Kamata stations) and the Tokyu Tamagawa Line (Tamagawa to Kamata stations). A ceremony will be held at Tamagawa Station to coincide with the departure of the train bound for Kamata at 0:41 PM.

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