Onigiri Specialty Shop ‘Ginshari Hokkaido’ Opens in Narita International Airport T1 Food Court

Onigiri shop Ginshari Hokkaido at Narita Airport

Narita International Airport has announced the opening of ‘Ginshari Hokkaido,’ an onigiri specialty shop that utilizes bountiful ingredients from the northern seas and land, in Terminal 1 on November 30th.

This Hokkaido-based onigiri specialty shop is the first to launch on the main island of Honshu, where they cook the special A-grade Hokkaido rice ‘Fukkurinko’ on-site and serve freshly made onigiri right in front of the customers for a live experience. The shop offers fluffy onigiri filled with ingredients such as ‘Shiretoko salmon,’ ‘Tarako processed in Kojouhama,’ Hokkaido beef, and ‘cream cheese,’ focusing on the blessings from the northern sea and land.

The location is inside the ‘SKY FOOD COURT’ on the 5th floor of the Central Building New Wing in Terminal 1. The shop operates from 8 AM to 8 PM (last order).

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