JAL to Consolidate ‘Turtle Tags’ into One Type, Two Including JGC Membership

JAL baggage tag

Japan Airlines (JAL) will consolidate its baggage tags, previously given to JAL Mileage Bank members based on their flight history, from five types down to one starting January 2024 with the introduction of the new system.

Until now, members received one of six types of baggage tags: one upon joining the JAL Global Club (JGC) and the others based on their usage records. Four of these were hexagon-shaped, affectionately known as ‘turtle tags.’ From January 2024, only at the time of JGC membership and for Five Star will the baggage tags be presented.

The colors of the tags represent cumulative international flight miles of 150,000 or domestic flights of 300 for navy blue; 250,000 miles or 500 domestic flights for green; 500,000 miles or 750 domestic flights for brown; 750,000 miles or 1,000 domestic flights for wine-red; and 1 million miles or 1,250 domestic flights for black.

The navy blue tag is square with no name engraving, while green, brown, wine-red, and black have an engraved name and come with a silicone cover. The material is cowhide with a chrome-plated copper plate, except for the black tag, which is silver with rhodium plating.

According to JAL, the design after the consolidation will remain the same as the current one.

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