ANA Launches Metaverse App ‘ANA GranWhale’ Allowing for Virtual Travel and Mileage Earning

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ANA NEO, part of the ANA Group responsible for metaverse business, launched a metaverse application called ‘ANA GranWhale’ on December 11th, providing users with the experience of virtual travel and shopping.

The metaverse space reproduces tourist destinations from Japan and abroad, allowing users to enjoy virtual travel by navigating the environment with their avatars. Initially, 61 domestic locations mainly in Hokkaido, Kyoto, and Okinawa, as well as 3 overseas destinations, totaling 64 destinations are available, with plans to expand gradually. Graphics are generated based on real-life data to pursue realism. Users can take commemorative photos at travel destinations and share them within the app or on external social networks. In certain tourist spots, avatars of experts such as historians appear to introduce the history and trivia of the locations. Features are designed to promote user interaction by enabling communication with other avatars via voice or chat and traveling in groups. In the future, there are plans to sell tour products in collaboration with dynamic packages and launch campaigns in conjunction with local regions.

ANA GranWhale Virtual Shopping Mall

Additionally, the application features a virtual shopping mall called ‘Sky Mall,’ resembling actual commercial facilities where users can visit different stores. At these virtual stores, users can purchase not only digital items for use within the app but also actual products such as local traditional crafts, specialty goods, clothing, and cosmetics. These products can be shipped to users’ homes. Initially, 14 stores, including Itoen, Lacoste, Mizuno, and ANA FESTA, will be participating.

Moreover, by collecting ‘Gran Chips’ which appear under specific conditions, users can partake in a gacha that awards ANA miles. It is designed to be a no-lose gacha, with up to 100 miles to be won per draw. According to a representative, users who engage with the app by completing missions or similar activities can expect to be able to attempt the gacha about once per day.

ANA NEO President Mitsuhiro Tomita

The virtual travel experience aims to inspire actual travel desire and contribute to regional revitalization by selling local specialities through e-commerce. After a test launch in Southeast Asia in June of this year, there are plans to roll out in North America and Europe. The president of ANA NEO, Mitsuhiro Tomita, commented, ‘The concept is “virtual travel with just your smartphone.” By providing this to the widely used smartphones around the world, we hope to offer enjoyment to many people.’

The app is compatible with iOS and Android, and the basic usage fee is free. Services, such as purchasing items, come at an additional cost.

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ANA GranWhale Landscape Mode Support

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