ANA Offers Donuts for Vegetarian and Vegan In-flight Meals, Created by Former Flight Attendant

ANA × UPBEET! Donuts

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is now offering ‘ANA×UPBEET! Donuts’, developed in collaboration with ‘UPBEET! Tokyo’, on its international flights.

The donuts will be served as a dessert for vegetarian and vegan meals in First Class and Business Class on all international routes departing from Japan. Each package contains two varieties: plain and organic matcha, one of each.

The donuts are baked and steamed instead of fried, and are made with ingredients like brown rice flour and chickpeas. For sweetness, they incorporate apple sauce from Nagano and mirin aged for three years. The matcha flavor uses organic matcha grown at 600 meters above sea level in Shizuoka.

‘UPBEET! Tokyo’ is a food brand that specializes in vegan gluten-free sweets, advocating the non-use of animal products, white sugar, and wheat flour, and incorporating Japanese fermented foods. The founder is a former ANA flight attendant.

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