Jetstar Japan Avoids Cancellations on 22nd Amid Union Strike

Jetstar Japan Airbus A320 aircraft

Jetstar Japan announced that potential cancellations due to the called strike by flight attendants of the Jetstar Crew Association (JCA) were avoided on December 22nd.

The JCA represents some of the Jetstar Japan flight and cabin crew members. Since August, during collective bargaining, the company proposed to include payment for certain overtimes, including past due amounts, beginning with July’s salary. Although it required time to manually calculate the past due amounts without error, preparations for payments starting January 2024 had been completed.

On December 22nd, four crew members consisting of three captains and one first officer carried out the planned strike. However, as alternative crew members were secured, there was no impact on flight operations.

Jetstar Japan expressed their commitment to continue discussions with the JCA sincerely to find the best outcome and stated, “We will continue to make our utmost efforts to minimize any impact of cancellations on our customers.”

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