Amsterdam Schiphol Airport to Handle 483,000 Flights in 2024, Reducing Number for Congestion Relief

Amsterdam Schiphol Airport

Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport has announced that it will provide 483,000 takeoff and landing slots in 2024.

It will accommodate 293,000 flights for the summer schedule, which was previously expected to have 280,000 flights.

The decision to discontinue the experimental scheme to reduce the number of slots was made on November 14. It was shown that limited reductions during peak times are necessary, and airlines have agreed to cooperate. Approximately 433,000 flights are expected to take off and land in 2023. To alleviate congestion, the number of incoming flights during the morning peak hours will be decreased from 68 to 65.

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines stated, “It normally takes six months to prepare, but we only have three months. KLM Royal Dutch Airlines will take all possible measures to operate the allocated number of flights.”

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