Credit Saison Limits ‘Domestic Airport Lounge Service’ to Twice a Year for Select Corporate UC Cards


Credit Saison will introduce a limit of two annual uses for the ‘Domestic Airport Lounge Service’ for select UC cards starting April 1, 2024.

The affected cards include UC Card PRIZE, Ministry of Defense UC Card Prize, Sanraku Card PRIZE, OURS Group Card PRIZE, Fujitsu Travelance UC Card PRIZE, Nippon Steel & Sumikin Chemical UC Card PRIZE, Citizen UC Card PRIZE, and UC Card Mine Gold. This applies to cards issued by Credit Saison.

The counting period is from April 1st to March 31st of the following year. Each primary cardholder and family member can use the service twice per period. Re-entry to the same lounge on the same day will also be counted as one of the allowed uses.

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