Hokuriku Express Services ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Shirasagi’ Cancelled from Early Morning on 2nd, Aiming to Resume in the Afternoon


West Japan Railway Company (JR West) and others are aiming to resume operations of the express services ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Shirasagi’ in the afternoon of the 2nd.

Due to the effects of the Noto Peninsula earthquake that occurred on the 1st, the section between Fukui and Kanazawa stations on the Hokuriku Line is currently impassable. As a result, the ‘Thunderbird’ express service that connects Osaka with the Hokuriku region, and the ‘Shirasagi’ express service that connects Nagoya and Maibara with the Hokuriku region, have cancelled operations from the first service of the 2nd.

JR West aims to reopen the affected section in the afternoon of the 2nd, and is thereby aiming to resume the operations of express services ‘Thunderbird’ and ‘Shirasagi’ from the afternoon as well.

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