ANA Adds Three Extra Domestic Flights, Totaling Twelve


All Nippon Airways (ANA) has added three extra flights to its domestic services today.

These additional flights have been arranged to ensure transportation for passengers affected by flight cancellations due to the runway closure at Haneda Airport on the 2nd.

The added flights are ANA Flight 1318 from Fukuoka to Tokyo/Haneda (Boeing 787-8), ANA Flight 1320 from Sapporo/Chitose to Tokyo/Haneda (Airbus A320), and ANA Flight 1322 from Miyazaki to Tokyo/Haneda (Airbus A321), making a total of three extra flights.

The breakdown of the routes and the number of flights is as follows: 5 flights for the Tokyo/Haneda to Sapporo/Chitose route, 3 flights for the Tokyo/Haneda to Okinawa/Naha route, and 1 flight each for the Tokyo/Haneda to Fukuoka, Saga, Nagasaki, Miyazaki routes, totaling 12 flights.

■ Schedule
ANA1311 Tokyo/Haneda (12:35) to Sapporo/Chitose (14:10)
ANA1313 Tokyo/Haneda (17:30) to Sapporo/Chitose (19:05)
ANA1312 Sapporo/Chitose (15:00) to Tokyo/Haneda (16:40)
ANA1320 Sapporo/Chitose (16:30) to Tokyo/Haneda (18:00)
ANA1314 Sapporo/Chitose (19:55) to Tokyo/Haneda (21:35)

ANA1315 Tokyo/Haneda (14:45) to Okinawa/Naha (17:40)
ANA1310 Okinawa/Naha (10:45) to Tokyo/Haneda (13:00)
ANA1316 Okinawa/Naha (18:35) to Tokyo/Haneda (20:50)

ANA1306 Saga (09:50) to Tokyo/Haneda (11:20)

ANA1308 Nagasaki (12:45) to Tokyo/Haneda (12:45)

ANA1318 Fukuoka (15:30) to Tokyo/Haneda (17:05)

ANA1322 Miyazaki (21:00) to Tokyo/Haneda (22:30)

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