Air Canada Launches Flights to Tulum and Charleston, Operating Up to 520 Flights Daily This Summer in North America

Air Canada (Boeing 787-8)

Air Canada will begin service to Tulum and Charleston.

As part of its North American route enhancement, Air Canada will also increase major domestic flights within Canada and commence earlier seasonal operation of popular routes. Five new routes will be established. This will allow Air Canada to operate up to 520 daily flights, catering to 120 North American and Caribbean cities, with a provision of approximately 66,000 seats. This represents a 5% increase in seating capacity over the previous year.

The airline will commence operations to the two new destinations with Toronto-Montreal to Tulum services and Toronto to Charleston routes. The Toronto to Tulum route will operate twice a week on Fridays and Sundays starting May 3, while Montreal to Tulum will operate once a week on Saturdays beginning May 4. The Toronto to Charleston service will operate daily starting March 28.

The newly established Montreal to Austin-St. Louis route will complement the Toronto-Vancouver to Austin and Toronto to St. Louis services.

■ Schedule
AC1854 Toronto (08:15) to Tulum (11:20) / Fridays & Sundays (from May 3)
AC1855 Tulum (12:30) to Toronto (17:35) / Fridays & Sundays (from May 3)

AC1874 Montreal (08:15) to Tulum (12:00) / Saturdays (from May 4)
AC1875 Tulum (13:10) to Montreal (18:45) / Saturdays (from May 4)

AC8629 Toronto (18:40) to Charleston (20:58) / Daily (from March 28)
AC8628 Charleston (10:00) to Toronto (12:21) / Daily (from March 29)

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