Emirates to Hire 5,000 Cabin Crew Members in 2024, Hosting Recruitment Event in Osaka

Emirates cabin crew

Emirates Airline plans to hire 5,000 cabin crew members in 2024.

The airline will conduct recruitment events in over 460 cities worldwide. After being hired, new crew members will receive eight weeks of intensive training in Dubai, where they will learn skills such as communication and leadership. In 2023, Emirates conducted recruitment events in 353 cities and hired 8,000 people. The number of cabin crew members surpassed 20,000 in August 2023, reaching a current total of 21,500.

Cabin crew members have the opportunity to advance their careers by applying for positions such as leading higher classes, cabin supervisor, purser, and trainer, as well as other positions within the entire group. There are currently 1,180 pursers.

The salary is tax-free and comes with additional benefits such as flight allowances, profit sharing, annual leave, tickets for annual leave, furnished accommodation, life and dental insurance, laundry services, and significant discounts on airline tickets for friends and family.

According to the Emirates website, the base salary for an economy class grade 2 is 4,650 UAE Dirhams per month, with an average flight allowance of 63.75 UAE Dirhams per hour, making a total of 10,388 UAE Dirhams (approximately 418,260 JPY). Crew members in Dubai are given around 8 days of holiday per month.

In Japan, a recruitment event by invitation only will be held in Osaka on February 3. Applications are currently being accepted.

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