The Opening of ‘Auberge Homachi Mikuni-Minato’, a Distributed Accommodation Facility, on January 28

Auberge Homachi Mikuni-Minato

Actibase Fukui and Core Global Management have opened the distributed accommodation facility ‘Auberge Homachi Mikuni-Minato’ on January 28.

The facility consists of 9 lodging buildings, a restaurant building, and a front office building, totaling 11 buildings, all of which are renovated townhouses built from the Edo period to the Showa period. Guests can stay in these scattered townhouses within walking distance, experiencing the local history and culture as if living in the town. The interior of each of the 16 lodging rooms is inspired by different aspects of Hokuriku’s largest festival, ‘Mikuni Festival’, ‘Public Bathhouse’, ‘Martial Arts’, ‘Flower District’, creating a unique world view in each.

The restaurant building, ‘Tateru Yoshino Mikuni-Minato’, is produced by the master of French cuisine, Ken Yoshino, offering dishes made with local ingredients. Additionally, cultural experience activities exclusively for guests are available.

Access is approximately a 5-minute walk from Mikuni Station on the Echizen Railway Mikuni-Awara Line, and about 60 minutes by car from Komatsu Airport.

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