Noto Railway Resumes Operations Between Nanao and Noto-Nakashima Stations from February 15

Noto Railway

Noto Railway resumed operations between Nanao and Noto-Nakashima stations on February 15.

There are 8 round trips per day for local trains and 4 for express trains. The express trains named “Noto Kagari-Bi” numbers 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8, and “Thunderbird” numbers 17 and 20, will restart operations to Wakura-Onsen station. Operating times have been changed due to reduced speeds in certain sections. For the time being, unreserved seats in ordinary cars can be used with only a ticket between Nanao and Wakura-Onsen stations.

Bus substitution will continue between Noto-Nakashima and Anamizu stations, with operations expected to resume in early April. Damage to the platform at Wakura-Onsen station has been confirmed.

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