Surutto KANSAI Council to Launch QR Code Ticket Service in June, with Seven Companies Including Osaka Metro to Introduce It

Hankyu QR Ticket Gate

The Surutto KANSAI Council will launch a digital ticket service called “Surutto QRtto” in June, utilizing QR codes.

Initially, the service will be introduced by Osaka Metro, Osaka City Bus, Kintetsu, Keihan, Nankai, Hankyu, and Hanshin, with seven companies planning to sell special tickets. Tickets can be purchased on a dedicated website, and at railways, showing the QR code at the ticket gate will enable entry and exit. On buses, passengers will scan the QR code displayed inside the bus upon alighting, and the driver will confirm the screen.

The service will newly start at all Osaka Metro stations, buses going to IKEA Tsuruhashi/Universal Studios Japan, all routes of Osaka City Bus except for the airport bus, all Keihan line stations and the Keihan Steel Cable Line Yahatamuniguchi station, all Hankyu train stations, and all Hanshin train stations except for Nishidai station. Kintetsu and Nankai are already implementing a QR ticket service. The range of participating operators is expected to expand in the future.

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