Skymark to Renew In-Flight Services on March 1

Skymark is set to renew its in-flight services on March 1.

Based on its corporate mission of “regional coexistence,” the new in-flight service concept is “Tasting the Destination in the Sky.”

The free drink service will expand from two types to three types of drinks and will extend to cover all routes except for two short routes. They will start offering “Skymark Coffee,” “Recommended Tea from the Destination,” and a “Destination Recommendation” drink available for a limited time. “Apple Juice” will continue to be provided after March. Current services offering “KitKat Mini” and “Nescafe Gold Blend” will end.

In terms of in-flight sales, the sale of “Uguisu Ball” and “Mini Shiruko Sand” will begin. The sale of “Mamebokkuri,” the original Skymark item “Tyrolean,” and “Skymo” will continue. Forward seat passengers will be offered one of “Uguisu Ball,” “Mini Shiruko Sand,” “Mamebokkuri,” or “Skymo” for free.

The sale of currently available products such as “Oi Ocha,” “Coca-Cola,” “Natural Mineral Water,” “Nescafe Gold Blend Rich Aroma,” “Uzushiho Specialty Shop Onion Soup,” and “Pritz (Salad)” will end.

Additionally, the design of the aprons worn by cabin crew during service and the design of the paper cups will also be renewed.

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