JAL Launches Second Express Meal Service on International Business Class: Yoroniku Wagyu Sukiyaki Gozen [Report]

Japan Airlines (JAL) offers an “EXPRESS MEAL” service exclusively for pre-order in international business class.

The service, which provides a one-plate in-flight meal, began in October 2022, targeting mid-distance routes to Europe and Asia departing from Tokyo/Haneda and Tokyo/Narita.

The first edition featured the “Unagi Gozen” with broiled eel from Tokyo’s Azabu’s long-established “Godaime Nodaya”, and since November 2023, the second edition being served is the “Yoroniku Wagyu Sukiyaki Gozen” produced by “Yoroniku”.

Reserving is simple; it can be done via the JAL website’s booking details page, under the “Service Application (Seats & Meals)” button, up to 25 hours before departure. Besides the express meal, reserving regular course menus of Japanese or Western dishes also ensures your preferred meal is prepared.

The main sukiyaki gozen was served on one plate along with pickles, miso soup, and fruit. Using the same top-quality Wagyu beef as the restaurant and finished with a sauce lightly flavored with Japanese pepper, it achieves a luxurious in-flight meal experience in less time. JAL aims to meet passengers’ needs while reducing food waste. Those who do not want a meal can indicate their preference through the “JAL Meal Skip Option”. Note that group reservations, bookings under other airline names, or flights on standby lists are not eligible. No in-flight applications are accepted.

A typical course meal requires at least two hours for appetizers, main dishes, and dessert. However, the Express Meal allows passengers to finish their meal in about half the time, leaving more hours for sleep or work.

Of course, one cannot have both the regular and express meals, but additional light meals offered after the first meal are an option. On my flight to New York, the a la carte menu included salad, soup, sandwiches, fried chicken rice, Wagyu beef curry, Chinese noodles, and ice cream.

Why not choose the Express Meal on your next trip?

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