Royal Park Hotel Offers ‘Bountiful Spring Dinner Buffet’ on Weekends and Holidays

Royal Park Hotel Spring Dinner Buffet

The Royal Park Hotel will offer the ‘Bountiful Spring Dinner Buffet’ on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays from March 2 to April 21.

The menu includes dishes such as ‘Wagyu Roast Beef with Sakura Daikon,’ which is wagyu roast beef served with marinated daikon radish and salt-pickled cherry blossoms, ‘Smoked Salmon with Cherry Blossom Sauce’ flavored with cherry blossom leaves and salt-pickled cherry blossoms, and ‘Sea Bream with Sakura Leaf Nage.’ Desserts themed around “the scent of spring flowers” include ‘Rose Mousse,’ ‘Butterfly Pea Jelly,’ and ‘Jasmine Crème Brûlée.’

Located on the first floor at Chef’s Dining ‘Symphony,’ the buffet is available from 5:30 PM to 9:00 PM. Prices, including tax and service charge, are 7,590 yen for adults, 3,795 yen for children (ages 4–12), and 6,325 yen for seniors (ages 65 and over).

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