FDA’s First Retired Aircraft, The Green ‘JA04FJ’ Takes Its Last Flight [Flight Report]

Fuji Dream Airlines’ (FDA) green Embraer 170 aircraft, registered as JA04FJ, completed its final operation on March 9th. Introduced in October 2010, it has served various domestic routes for about 13 and a half years, becoming the first aircraft to retire from FDA since it commenced operations in July 2009.

▲Four number machine preparing for the last flight at Izumo Airport

The last flight, FDA418, departed Izumo at 6:45 PM and arrived in Nagoya/Komaki at 7:40 PM. On its final day, it completed six flights, including as the FDA418 flight.

▲The crew for the last flight (from left) Captain Takanobu Hirayama, cabin attendants Marie Arakawa and Emi Yasue, First Officer Yutaka Ebata

The crew consisted of two pilots, Captain Takanobu Hirayama and First Officer Yutaka Ebata, and two cabin attendants, Emi Yasue and Marie Arakawa, totaling four members. The cabin was full with 77 passengers (including one infant) against 76 seats. Travelers, families, and aviation enthusiasts who boarded a continuation flight from Nagoya/Komaki to Izumo were not uncommon, with some fans dressed entirely in green.

FDA418 was seen off by staff holding green penlights and homemade banners, departing Izumo Airport at 6:44 PM. After taking off westward from the runway (R/W25), it turned dramatically east, flying over Lake Shinji, Misasa Town in Tottori Prefecture, and Yabu City in Hyogo Prefecture. In-flight, beverages and sweets were offered along with commemorative postcards featuring the aircraft.

▲Commemorative postcards distributed on board

In his in-flight announcement, Captain Hirayama mentioned the unique features of JA04FJ, being the only used aircraft in the fleet, including a wooden floor design in the restroom. He thanked the passengers for their support of the aircraft that had been a part of FDA for nearly 14 years.

Additionally, cabin attendants mentioned unique features such as two coffee makers instead of hot water boilers in the galley and different colored jump seats in JA04FJ.

▲FDA418 flight approaching Komaki Airport with Nagoya city on the left

After passing near Fukuchiyama City in Kyoto Prefecture, FDA418 began its descent around 7:15 PM, landing at Komaki Airport’s runway (R/W34) at 7:41 PM. The observation deck at Komaki Airport, usually closed at 6:45 PM, was extended to 8:00 PM for this last flight, attracting a large number of aviation enthusiasts.

▲Cabin attendant Marie Arakawa with messages written on the aircraft and a commemorative photo

The crew bid farewell to the passengers and expressed gratitude for the aircraft’s service of over 13 years. JA04FJ will remain at Komaki Airport for parts utilization.

▲Decorations placed in front of the boarding gate at Izumo Airport

▲Arakawa distributing postcards on board

▲The in-flight magazine featuring a list of all 16 aircraft including JA04FJ

▲The distinctive wooden floor of JA04FJ’s restroom (rear)

▲JA04FJ’s jump seat with a different color from the new aircraft

▲FDA418 flight turning towards Komaki Airport

▲JA04FJ arriving at Komaki Airport after its last flight

▲Arakawa and Yasue waving to fans gathered on the observation deck at Komaki Airport

▲FDA employees waving to fans gathered on the observation deck at Komaki Airport

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