Tokyo Metropolitan Government Launches ‘Support Your Life! TOKYO Energy Campaign’ Starting Today with Up to 10% Cashback

TOKYO Energy Campaign

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government is holding the ‘Support Your Life! TOKYO Energy Campaign’ from today, March 11th to the 31st.

Participating stores in Tokyo, affiliated with any of the targeted cashless payment services, will offer a cashback in the form of points equivalent to 10% of the payment amount through QR code payments. The cashback is limited to 3,000 yen per payment service provider per transaction, and the total cashback is capped at 3,000 yen for the entire campaign period.

PayPay, d payment, au PAY (code payment), and Rakuten Pay (code & QR payment) are included in the campaign, with the timing of point issuance varying by service. The campaign will end once the budget is reached.

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