‘au Unlimited Overseas’ Service Starts March 15, Unlimited Data From 800 Yen per Day

au Unlimited Overseas

KDDI and Okinawa Cellular Telephone have launched ‘au Unlimited Overseas’ on March 15.

The service fee is 1,200 yen for 24 hours, allowing users to roam with unlimited data capacity at their travel destinations. If users make a reservation within Japan at least one hour before service start, they get a discounted rate of 1,000 yen, and for specific regions, it is further reduced to 800 yen. The service that ended on the same day, ‘World Data Flat Rate,’ consumed data from the domestic plan’s data allowance.

The service is available in over 160 countries and regions overseas. Specific regions include the United States, Hawaii, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, Macau, and Puerto Rico.

To celebrate the service launch, a campaign will be conducted to return the cost of 24 hours’ service fee into users’ au PAY balance. The campaign period is from March 15 to May 31. Entry into the campaign is required.

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