Comedian Kin’nikun Energizes Shinkansen Passengers at Tokyo Station Event Hosted by JR East

JR East hosted an event titled “Post-trip Well-done! ‘Power’ Charging Station” on March 21st, where comedian Kin’nikun energized the Tokyo Shinkansen (Bullet Train) passengers by addressing their “everyday worries”.

At the special stage set up at the Yaesu exit of Tokyo Station, around 50 attendees who had secured tickets in advance gathered. Entering with his signature phrase “Power!”, Kin’nikun brought warmth to the venue filled with people shivering in the cold, by pointing out, “You all look so lifeless,” and then raising their spirits with call-and-response chants of “Power! Yaa!”.

When asked about his relaxation method during times of mental fatigue, Kin’nikun mentioned he enjoys traveling around the countryside. “When I have the time, I purposefully choose ‘Kodama’ (the slowest Shinkansen),” he revealed, stating that he enjoys taking in the scenery and listening to music, discovering new things along the way.

Furthermore, to inquiries from participants like “I lack physical strength” or “I need energy because my school starts next week,” he suggested “eating lots of what you love” and “emitting loud voices from your stomach” among other solutions to inject energy.

Concluding the event, referring to JR East’s “Let’s Visit” campaign, he encouraged participants to “meet a new self. That’s how I want you to live your life,” thereby pushing them towards a fresh start in the new fiscal year. Ending with his usual joke, “Are you going to meet or not? Which is it?” followed by “Go! Power!”.

After the event, participants tried their luck at the giant capsule machine “Let’s Visit Gacha” for a chance to win original Tokaido Shinkansen merchandises, such as eco-bags and thermos bottles, and JR East group’s common points, “TOKAI STATION POINT”.

The “Let’s Visit Gacha” is available until March 22nd at Tokyo Station for anyone who has used the Tokaido Shinkansen that day, or has the “TOKAI STATION POINT app” or “EX app” installed.

▲ Kin’nikun answering a young boy’s concerns

▲ Kin’nikun introducing a new gag, “Even if you come to dislike me, please don’t hate my biceps”

▲ Original merchandise given away at the “Let’s Visit Gacha”

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