JAL to Introduce New Side Dish Containers Made of Biodegradable Biopolymer in June, Advancing Plastic-Free Initiatives

Kaneka and JALUX collaboration

Japan Airlines (JAL) will adopt new containers for in-flight meals made from the biodegradable biopolymer “Green Planet” developed by Kaneka, starting in June.

This initiative is a collaborative development between JALUX and Kaneka, marking the first reusable container derived from biomass using Green Planet. The containers are colored with natural minerals, and both the material and coloring agents are derived from non-petroleum sources, giving it a warm and natural texture. The design supervision of the entire in-flight meal tray was done by the design office nendo.

Green Planet is a biomass polymer produced by microorganisms from raw materials such as vegetable oil, and it decomposes into carbon dioxide and water in soil or seawater. It can be processed into various products, similar to conventional plastics.

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