Keisei Electric Railway to Introduce New ‘3200 Series’ Train Cars, Adjusting the Number of Cars in Two-Car Increments According to Demand

Keisei Electric Railway announced the introduction of new ‘3200 series’ train cars, starting from the latter half of fiscal 2024.

The basic formation will be of six cars, which can be adjusted in two-car increments depending on transportation demand. By adopting the latest SiC-VVVF inverter device, it reduces power consumption by approximately 69% compared to the 3500 series cars. Additionally, to cut down on energy use, the destination and type indicators on the sides of the car will be turned off while in motion.

The exterior design follows Keisei Electric Railway’s tradition of red and blue coloring. A front door is centrally positioned to allow for easy passage when cars are connected.

The lead cars are equipped with wheelchair spaces and the middle cars with free spaces for strollers or large luggage. Overhead passenger information displays will feature two 17-inch LCD screens. As a security measure, three security cameras will be installed per car, and for the first time in Keisei Electric Railway’s history, images from these cameras can be reviewed in the driver’s compartment via the emergency communication system.

The operation is scheduled to begin in the winter of 2025, with the introduction of one six-car train this fiscal year. Plans are in place to continue introducing more trains after the fiscal year 2025.

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