New York Times Ranks Yamaguchi as the 3rd Must-Visit Place of the Year

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The New York Times has announced its ’52 Places to Go in 2024,’ ranking Yamaguchi in the 3rd position.

Each year, travel experts from The New York Times announce their recommended travel destinations for the year. In 2023, Morioka City made headlines by securing the 2nd spot.

The 1st place goes to North America, which will experience a total solar eclipse covering the region on April 8th. Celebratory events will take place in Mexico, Canada, and 13 U.S. states, while NASA will broadcast live from the Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

Following the list, Paris takes the 2nd spot, with Yamaguchi at 3rd, rail travel in New Zealand at 4th, Maui Island at 5th, the Grand Canyon in Arizona, USA, which is referred to as ‘Baaj Nwaavjo I’tah Kukveni’ at 6th, Singapore at 7th, O’Higgins in Chile at 8th, Ladakh in India at 9th, and finally Geneva in Switzerland at 10th.

Out of the 53 places, 8 are located in Asia. About Yamaguchi, it is described as a ‘compact city with a population of 190,000, situated in a narrow valley between the Seto Inland Sea and the Sea of Japan, largely spared from overtourism.’ The Rurikoji Temple, with its flawless gardens and stunning five-story pagoda, is designated as a national treasure. In the city’s winding alleys, a range of experiences await visitors. There’s a pottery kiln on the grounds of Tojoji Temple that seems to float on water. There are sleek coffee shops like ‘LOG COFFEE ROASTERS’ and ‘COFFEEBOY,’ as well as old-style coffee shops like ‘Haraguchi Coffee.’ Fantastic counter-only establishments serve oden and hot-pot dishes. Just a 15-minute walk south is the hot spring resort of Yuda Onsen.

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