ANA Travelers Offers Discounts for Domestic and International Packages, Plus Special Hotel Rates in ‘Love for ANA’ Campaign

Love for ANA!

The ANA Group, in alignment with their monthly “Love for ANA!” event on the 29th, will offer discount coupons and special hotel rate plans on January 29th.

For domestic dynamic packages, ANA Mileage Club members can access exclusive offers such as a ¥15,000 coupon valid for travel plans worth over ¥150,000 during the Golden Week and special “Love for ANA!” plans. ANA Travelers hotels will be offering special rate plans.

For international dynamic packages, all target destination plans will receive a 10% discount, and specific optional tours in Hawaii will earn triple the usual miles.

Additionally, through the ANA Furusato Nozei (Hometown Tax Donation) program, donations for limited return gifts will receive 2.9 times the usual miles, along with special pricing in the ANA Mall and a 2.9 times increase in miles at ANA FESTA.

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